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Belfast Activity Centre.

Belfast Activity Centre.


Primary 7 have begun a 6 week programme working with Belfast Activity Centre. The theme of the programme is investigating a crime involving Northern Ireland’s Flora, Fauna and native animals. After Christmas, we will be visiting the centre and engaging in team building activities such as canoeing, rock climbing and collecting evidence to help us solve the ‘crime’.


On Wednesday, Warren, Andy and Nicola visited us to discuss the programme and to work with us on team building activities.  Have a look at the photos, it is clear, we had so much fun.

Week 2: Canoeing.


This week, P7M took part in a canoeing activity as part of our Adventure Investigation. We had to canoe up the Lagan River to Minnowburn, where we took part in searching for evidence in the park.  

We learnt a lot about team work and the importance of following instructions and directions.


We look forward to discussing the evidence we collected back in the class.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates.



Belfast Activity Centre Week 2.

Week 3: Climbing.


This week, P7M took part in climbing activities. The climbing activities ranged from low to high climbing walls and also abseiling down. We learnt the importance, once again, of team work and working together to encourage and support each other.  As the class teacher, I  am so proud of everyone. Many boys and girls had to face their ‘fear of heights’ during the challenges today. For some, it was just to hard, but I know if they were faced with that challenge again, they would be able to do it.  Well done Primary 7, you did super duper well.

Week 4: Caving.

This week was a very challenging week for many children, as once again they had to face their fears of small spaces. Each group had to travel through the caves at BAC and solve questions to unlock a box.



Week 5 and 6: Orienteering.

Our final weeks looked at orienteering, map work, camp fires and nature of Ireland. We worked in groups and had the opportunity to run around Malone Park collecting information and codes.


Our final week was looking at the native flora and fauna of Ireland. Whilst our walking, we had to collect firewood for our campfire. We had a go at lighting cotton wool balls to help start our camp fire before toasting marshmallows. Unfortunately, time was against us and we didn’t get to have our long awaited s’mores. 😭😭