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Who's Who

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Principal - Miss A Browne

Vice Principal - Mrs C O'Neill (P3C)

Head of Nursery and Foundation - Mrs J Donnelly



Teaching Staff

Mrs J Donnelly - Nursery Teacher and Head of Nursery & Foundation Stage

Miss M Turley - Nursery Teacher and PE and After Schools Activities Coordinator

Mrs M. Kelly - Primary 1 Teacher and Music Coordinator

Mrs K Feerick- Primary 2 Teacher and PDMU Coordinator

Miss E Martin - Primary 2 Teacher, Assessment Coordinator

Mrs C O'Neill - Primary 3 Teacher, Literacy Coordinator

Mr G Mc Brien - Primary 3 Teacher, World Around Us Coordinato

Miss A Donnelly - Primary 4 Teacher

Mr L Donnan - Primary 4 Teacher

Mr R. Clenaghan Primary 5 Teacher, Library Coordinator

Mrs S Loat/ Miss N Kelly- Primary 5 Teacher, Shared Education Coordinator         

Mrs B McKenna/Miss E. Colton - Primary 6 Teacher 

Mr P Treanor  - Primary 6 Teacher and ICT Coordinator. SMT

Miss M McCorry - Primary 7 Teacher

Mrs A McHugh - Special Educational Needs Coordinator




Safeguarding and Child Protection Team

Designated Teacher for Child Protection - Mrs C O'Neill

Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection - Miss A Browne and Mrs J Donnelly

Designated Governor for Child Protection - TBA


Teaching and Learning Assistants

Mrs M Sheridan - Nursery

Mrs C McArt - Nursery

Miss A. Puchala- Nursery 

Miss L Herdman - Primary 1

Ms C McGreevy - Primary 1

Mrs A Mulhern - Primary 2

Mrs E. Mulholland -Primary 2

Mrs J. McLaughlin -Primary 7

Miss A. Puchala -Primary 7




Senior Clerical Officer

Mrs G. Carville


Building Supervisor/Caretaker

Mr B McGuigan


Catering Staff 

Mrs L Bennett - Catering Supervisor

Mrs A Bradley - Catering Assistant 

Mrs E Turley - Catering Assistant

Miss K Rennick - Catering Assistant

Mrs R Scanlon - Catering Assistant


Lunch Time Supervisors

Mrs K O'Donnell - Playground Coordinator

Mrs D Rennick - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A McKinley

Mrs J Mc Grattan

Mrs S. Donaghy

Miss D. Donaghy

Mrs K. Martin


Cleaning Staff

Miss K Rennick

Mrs K O'Donnell

Mrs C Martin

Mrs M Curran

Miss T McKinley