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We are delighted to have started the new year in primary three. After very uncertain times it is wonderful to have a full class back again. We are looking forward to sharing a great year together with lots of learning opportunities and lots of fun. Have a look at some of the things that have happened so far!

Sports Day 2022

Trocaire Fundraiser

First Confession 10/03/22

Maths - Practical Place Value


Shared Education Day - February

P3 Preparing for their Enrolment Ceremony for the Sacrament of Penance

WAU - Light and Dark - We have loved investigating shadows with our puppets and torches

Maths - Place Value practical learning was lots of fun this term!

Sahred Education Day

Maths Games

What’s great about P3?

Freya - I like playing with my friends when the weather is warm.

Mason - I like getting homework like maths because I’m good at it.

Izabella - I love going to the dinner hall for my lunch. My favourite is ham and cheese baps. 

Anrai - I really like when I get certificates for good work because it makes my mummy happy.

Seamus Og - My favourite thing in school is playing football at break with my friends. 

Pihika - I like playing tip with my best friends Nevaeh and Elleanna.  

Elleanna - I like having PE back in the assembly hall again because you can do things there that you can’t do outside. It’s so fun. 

Charlie - I like painting with the paints because they’re different to the ones we had in P2. They come in a tray and you have to make them wet to use them. 

Kylie - I enjoyed our Music in class. We used Music Express and joined with the other P3s to sing songs and make noises to go with a poem. 

Matei - I like seeing my friends again, especially Anrai as we have lots in common. 

Caoimhin - I like PE and playing with my friends. 

Paige - I like P3 because the work is easy and a get stickers all of the time. 

Humphrey - I have just started in P3. Everyone has been very kind to me and help me in the class and let me play in games outside. 

Jude - I like P3 because I like getting spelling tests because I get them right. 

Lorcan - I like doing maths because it makes me smart. 

Pearse - P3 is good because I like doing number work and reading. 

Max - I like Golden time P3 because you can choose what you play with if you have worked hard all week. 


PATHS - Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies

Our PATHS programme in St Matthew’s is designed to facilitate the development of peer awareness, self control, emotional awareness and interpersonal problem - solving skills. The curriculum consists of a variety of lessons in P3 such as: Feelings, Behaviours, Self -Control, Anger - Management and Problem - Solving. It’s lot’s of fun and everyone loves choosing a Pupil of the Day. Everyone gets the chance to be this child. On your special day you receive compliments from classmates and staff!

Mrs Irwin from Barnardos visited our class and taught us a PATHS lesson on compliments at the start of the year.

Our ICT project this term is Farmer Duck. We read the book and are now creating a simple presentation for the story by adding and formatting text and inserting a sound file.

Spooky things going on ....