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Red Group

Activity 1: Phonics

  1. Find the red or yellow group spellings in the document below.
  2. Check the meanings of any words you don’t know.
  3. Complete the word sort.  Is it a noun, verb or adjective?
  4. Put your words in alphabetical order.  You can split them into groups of 5 if you wish.
  5. Write ten sentences.  You can put more than one spelling into the sentence.  Try to include some:
    1. Speech marks
    2. Adverbs (quietly, quickly, surprisingly…)
    3. A conjunction (because, and, after that…)
    4. Adjectives

Activity 2: Proof Reading

Read through the paragraph below.  Find the spelling mistakes and correct them.  There are 13 in total.  The answers are included.

Activity 3: Multiplying Decimals

Complete the questions below. 

You do not need to complete them like the example.

I have included the answers.

Activity 4: Reading

Read for 20-30 minutes.  You can read your own book or you can read something from the Reading Book folder on our class page.  You will find lots of different books on the MyOn website that will be of interest to you.