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World Book Day 2022.


P7M had great fun celebrating World Book Day. We created fact files on some famous children’s book authors. We also designed our own book covers. Have a look at our great work.

Christmas Creative Writing.


The children of P7M have been very busy writing Christmas themed creative stories as part of their Shared Education Programme.  We began by looking at festive pictures in groups and coming up with words to describe them and coming up with similes that they could use in their stories.


We then did a shared piece of writing, where we looked at a Christmas Story opener and our job was to continue the story.  Each new line on the story was given by a child in the class.


The next challenge, was for the children to come up with their own short christmas story, using one of the provided story starters or they could create one of their own.   



To say I was impressed was an understatement......... my socks were literally blown off my feet.  I definitely have some children in my class who would/could give Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Roald Dahl or J.K. Rowling a run for their money.


Well done P7M - I am so immensely proud of you.



Miss McCorry