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Welcome to the Primary 3 Page for Mrs O’ Neill’s class.

I’m sure you will agree the site is warm and inviting and in time you will see how effective it is in communicating information, news, advice and photographs.

You, your children, your families and friends across the world can enjoy a little window into the life of the school and see pictures and read news about the children.

Keep coming back to enjoy our updates!


Mrs O' Neill and P3C

Our 2019-2020 year has got off to a fantastic start! Well done to everyone! This will be a great year!

Thank you to everyone for how beautifully your children are turned out for school every day - they are an absolute credit to you.


Some information for the term ahead:

Term 1a focus (September to Hallowe'en):


Maths: (Depending on your maths group!)

Revision from P2, number stories to 10 & 20 (using 2 and more numbers), tens and units and numbers to 100

Money to 10p, 20p, 50p, £1.00

Doubling and halving numbers to 20 and above

Commutative Law of addition

Problem solving



Lots of opportunities for talking and listening

Reading and comprehension activities

High Frequency words

Jolly Phonics

Writing recounts

Writing stories

Punctuation: Capital letter for start of sentence and names eg. places, people




Logging on to C2K and Purple Mash

Desktop publishing


Topic: My Community and Me

I am unique

Where we come from

Our senses


Roles within families and how these have changed over time

Services in Short Strand

Different types of houses here and around the world


The Arts:

Primary and secondary colours

Autumn songs and Grow in Love songs and music

Dramatising different roles within our community


PE: Games


I hope this information is helpful!