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Our Class Pets

Hi everyone! We ordered these little caterpillars for World Around Us.  We were hoping to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. As we aren't in school I have taken them home to look after them (Norah and Cathal are delighted!)  They stay here in the little tub for now, eating the food at the bottom of the tub.  I will keep posting pictures and updates to show you how they are getting on!

Can I remove the lid of the cup and touch my caterpillars?

No. Removing the lid could introduce bacteria and mould into the caterpillar environment. Oils and salts from your hands could harm your caterpillars. Do not open the cup until your chrysalides have formed and it is time to move them to your butterfly habitat.

Do my caterpillars have enough air?

Yes. Look carefully and you will see there are tiny holes punched into the lid of the cup.

Why are my caterpillars spinning silky webbing?

It is a good sign if you see webbing in your cup of caterpillars. The webbing protects the caterpillars from many dangers. Caterpillars use the webbing to stick to their host plants, as the wind can easily blow them off the leaves. Caterpillars also use the silk to pull leaves around themselves to hide from predators that might like to eat them!

What are the little brown balls appearing in my cup of caterpillars?

Those little balls are “frass”, or caterpillar waste. It means your caterpillars are eating and growing



Getting bigger!

Now that they have attached to the lid for a few days it is time for the chrysalides to go into the net. A box came with the next but it's in school so we've had to make our own.  The box holds the lid in place.  The lid was quite tricky to take off.  I had to remove all the webbing as the butterflies may get caught in it when they emerge.  I've also placed two chrysalides that had fallen to the bottom of the cup onto a tissue so fingers crossed they survive.  Some of the exoskeleton that the caterpillars have shed is visible in the cup.  Now we just have to wait...