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Activity 1: Literacy

Neil Armstrong

  • Read page 12-13. Answer questions on pg 14-15.  The answers are on the next 2 pages.

Activity 2: Numeracy

Complete your next Maths GL Test.  Once you have marked it go through your test and look for any careless mistakes.

If you are not doing the Transfer test complete the activity below.


Activity 3: Reading

Read for 20-30 minutes. You can read one of your own books or you can have a look at the Reading Books folder on our class page. You will find lots of ebooks there to read.


Activity 4: Art/Purple Mash

Have a look at the Futuristic Lands artwork.  You will find it in the Art Ideas folder on our class page.  Have a go at drawing your own.


You can complete some of the games I have set for you on Purple Mash.