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Red Group

Activity 1: Phonics

  1. Find the red or yellow group spellings in the document below.
  2. Check the meanings of any words you don’t know.
  3. Complete the word sort.  Is it a noun, verb or adjective?
  4. Put your words in alphabetical order.  You can split them into groups of 5 if you wish.
  5. Write ten sentences.  You can put more than one spelling into the sentence.  Try to include some:
    1. Speech marks
    2. Adverbs (quietly, quickly, surprisingly…)
    3. A conjunction (because, and, after that…)
    4. Adjectives




Activity 2: Numeracy

  1. Problem of the Day
  2. Multiplying by 2 digits. Complete questions 1-10.  You can use box multiplying or the long multiplication method.  Check your answers on page 4.


Activity 3: Reading

Read for 20-30 minutes. You can read one of your own books or you can have a look at the Reading Books folder on our class page. You will find lots of ebooks there to read.


Activity 4: WAU