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Red Group

Activity 1: Comprehension

Read pages 13-14. Read for 5 minutes before you attempt to answer any questions.

Answer questions on pg 15-16

Mark your work using pg 17-18

Activity 2: GL Maths

If you are doing your Transfer test you should complete your next Maths test today.  Once you have marked it look over your corrections.  Did you make any silly mistakes? Choose 5 questions that you found difficult and have another try at them.


Activity 2: Numeracy

Tenths and Hundredths

Complete the activity below.  The answers are included.


Activity 3: Reading

Read for 20-30 minutes.  You can read your own book or you can read something from the Reading Book folder on our class page.  You will find lots of different books on the MyOn website that will be of interest to you.

Activity 4: Art/Purple Mash

Complete an activity from the ‘Art Ideas’ folder on our class page.


You can complete some of the activities/games I have set for you on Purple Mash.