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Trocaire Lenten Campaign.

Ash Wednesday started the beginning of Lent. Each year, in St. Matthew’s, classes are encouraged to do something special to raise money for Trocaire. Trocaire is an Irish Catholic organisation, set up to help the poorest of the poor in countries all across the world.


This year in P7M, we are having a weekly raffle. Tickets are 20p and each week 1 lucky person will win an Easter Egg. On the final week, there will be 3 lucky winners.


Also, many of the P7s have decided to have a go at the Sponsored Spelling Bee. This is a MASSIVE undertaking of 120 spellings which will be ‘tested’ before Easter.  I believe that many of the boys and girls taking part will amaze themselves at what they will achieve and I ask for your support and encouragement. I have told the boys and girls, it is not about getting 120/120, but having a go and trying their very best. We want to have a bit of fun, whilst raising money for people less fortunate than ourselves.


Catholic Schools Week.


We celebrated Catholic Schools Week this week. The theme of this year was ‘Living Life to the Full’.  We examined how when we do as God asks us, and live as God calls us to live, we are being ‘Lights’ in the world. We talked about how living as followers of Christ, involves putting the thoughts and feelings of others first and how sometimes it can be challenging to be good examples.


We looked at the Beatitudes, the story of the Good Samaritan, we discussed how faith is passed down from generation to generation, and how instrumental and important our grandparents are in encouraging the faith in outperform lives. Finally, we talked about the gift of ‘winder and awe’, and how we have to realise that we are but a ‘speck’ in a world full of amazing possibilities and experiences.

Have a look at our Art page to see our special gifts for our Grandparents. 



Primary 7 are busy preparing for their Confirmation.

Today in class, Monday 31st January, Fr. Peter came in to help us celebrate our Service of Commitment. After much thought, we came up with 3 promises that we aim to commit to, to help us prepare for our Confirmation.  Some of the promises were to:

  • help more around the house,
  • to help parents with their siblings,
  • to make their beds and clean their rooms,
  • and some children have committed to saying more prayers.  

We pray that God may bless the children’s efforts as they prepare for this great Sacrament, and we ask for everyone to keep them in their prayers.


Service of Light: Wednesday 9th February at 6pm.


Confirmation: Thursday 24th February at 12 Noon.


Confirmation 2022.


A massive congratulations to our Primary 7 class who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday 22nd February. We thank Fr. Peter who conferred the Sacrament to the children.  The children were a credit to themselves, their families and their school. May God bless these children as they begin their journey of faith and may the Holy Spirit be their guide in the years ahead.

Confirmation 24th February 2022.